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  • Increase your added value with KMS PALLETIZER.
  • Automate your process and make more with less.


  • KM Palletizer is an advanced standard robot set that allows you to automate different processes such as the tending of injection moulding or CNC machines or simply for palletizing parts coming from the production line.
  • Products can be palletized onto 1 or 2 EURO-pallets.
  • The position of the part is detected by a vision system, which comes as standard equipment of any collaborative robot.
  • Also available as an option is an elevator for extending the reach of manipulation movements.
  • Safety is ensured by 3D laser sensors that detect all movements of the personnel and slow down or even stop the robot based on on-site regulations.
  • To make pallet positioning easier, a sensor is used to detect the edge of the pallet, while the LEDs signal the current status.
  • The KMS palletizer can also stack parts into smaller-sized containers such as 400x600mm boxes.
  • The position of the boxes is also controlled via sensors.

We are also ready for Industry 4.0 – thanks to our software and hardware interface that allows the integration of Self-Driving Vehicles, you can take one step further in the automation of your production process.

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KMS is a successful and well-established company specialising primarily in plastics processing technologies. We are agents for world-renowned manufacturers of plastics and metals processing machinery and equipment.

We provide our customers with top-quality equipment, tailored technical advice and fast, reliable professional solutions.

Our aim is to establish long-term relationships with our customers and be an active partner for the modernisation of production processes.


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